25cm x 32cm, multi-component publication which contains...

2, A4, 72 page booklets, red, green and blue risograph and black laser printing throughout, 100gsm recycled stock, loose bound with an elastic band. A 76cm x 52cm, fold out, double-sided, full colour newsprint comics section. A 19cm x 24cm, 100 page, black and white digitally printed staple bound booklet. A 13cm x 17cm, 12 page, black and white digitally printed, saddle stitched booklet. A 4" x 6" full colour photo-print. An A4, black and white digitally printed advert sheet. All wrapped in a single colour screen-printed A1 wraparound sheet, held comfortably with elastic bands.



Within the two A4 booklets, you will find contributions from Nicholas Ainsworth, Matthias Connor, Michael Crowe, Alex Felton, Jessica Susan Higgins, Heather Faye Kahn, Aidan Koch, Sarah Lowndes, Jamie McNeill, Sarah Rara, David Rule, Dylan Serventi, David Korty interviewed by Ethan Swan, Évita Yumul and Suzanna Zak

Within the huge, fold-out, double sided poster-come-Museums Six Funnies Marc Baines, Felix De Combat, Malcy Duff, Espen Friberg, Alex Heilbron, Leon Sadler, Matthew Thurber and Matthew Walkerdine.

The petit yellow booklet, is Letter To The Committee by David Roeder

The 100 page booklet is by Kingsboro Press, and is a bootleg of Secret Exhibition: Six California Artists of the Cold War Era by Rebecca Solnit.

The small, hand holdable photographic print comes courtesy of Jason Roberts Dobrin.

The Realest by Comfortable On A Tightrope, is a statement of intent for the comeback of The Realest.

Finally, the housing of Museums Six was built by designer, illustrator and long term Museums collaborator Lucy Jones. This packaging was inspired by Christo & Jeanne Claude's practise of 'wrapping' objects (buildings, bridges, trees), reuse it to wrap your sandwiches or some chips or chop up for portions of a birthday cake or frame or recycle or pulp down. Tie your hair up with the elastic bands.

The utterance of Museums (one, two, three, four five, now Six) that you hold, cumbersomely, in your hands is loosely curated around the theme 'Art for Leisure' or in some cases 'Art and Leisure'. Loosely being the operative word - considering that in our activities as Museums Press, since the beginning (5 years ago spiritually, 4 1/2 yrs physically) we have always endeavoured to hold true that freedom of content is champion re: what is offered, contributed and published by those we collaborate (believe) in - and our role is one of housing, allowing, encouraging and most importantly enjoying. Art in all forms can not only challenge, address, consider, etc. etc. it can and should be consumed with enjoyment, generosity and an un-labored attention (I.M.O)

Importantly, as hinted, this publication is the sixth in a line of group-style, multi-formed, compilation-esque publications that not only 'kicked off' Museums Press proceedings, but have since constituted the backbone of our offerings to the world. The outline of each of these follow a rule of threes, and so by proxy, when thinking about this thing we were keen to remind ourselves of Museums Three (February 2011) and adhere to the rules of the objects housed within that.
Contributions to the publication were requested from artists, writers, non-artists, people we're fond of, designers, photographers and publishing friends in the forms of narrative image/text based work, fiction, non-fiction, comics, a bootleg, a photographic print and a a couple of enquries.

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